Thursday, April 20, 2006

Celebrate Life

Dudes, can I tell you what rocks?

Waking up with a hangover.

No, really. Here, I'll tell you why.

Yesterday my wonderfully charming and warm hearted uncle passed away. He's been fighting cancer (the other C-Word) for three long years and it was finally time for him to "See the man upstairs about a painting job" as he put it to me. And without going into too many off the teary details, it is going to be an extremely difficult challenge for our family to be without him.

However, something happened in that house when we were all faced with the loss that has gotten me all optimistic and full hearted feeling. DO NOT GET ALL BUMMED OUT, THIS IS GOOD! Now, it's likely that he planned it this way, since he's not one to overlook a detail, but in the face of it all, I practically watched each member of my family make the conscious decision to celebrate life.

Had you strolled by the house yesterday you'd have probably thought you'd come upon some sort of poorly scheduled family cookout, seeing as it was Wednesday afternoon and all. There was laughing and joking and family-style ribbing. There was hubby shoulder deep in a disassembled clothes dryer. There were appetizers and drinks set out and many a cocktail being mixed. Hardly the scene of grief and misery that one would expect in a situation like this.

And, once the moment had passed, and we were all suddenly left to our own devices to decide how this party was going to continue without him behind the bar or shuffling the music, I saw the most impressive display of life celebration one could hope for.

One hundred stories were recounted to uproarious laughter. Drinks were mixed. Reservations were made. Music was played. Patio furniture was uncovered and gathered in conversational circles. Windows and doors were opened wide. People took off their shoes and stopped caring what their makeup was doing. The best way I can describe it is to say that we, "Familied".

We Familied around the bar. We Familied out to dinner at his favorite restaurant. We Familied as we toasted oyster shooters and Ketel One martini's over filets and chocolate cheesecake. We Familied as we cracked each other up with old inside jokes and made up new ones. I friggen Familied myself into a beastly hangover and woke up this morning next to hubby who'd Familied himself through the better part of a bottle of Makers Mark. (I told you, we're quite the pair).

And that is why, dudes, hangovers rock.

When you've done Familied yourself right out celebrating life, a hangover is a beautiful thing.

And to my Uncle Bill, who taught us all to Family in the first place, we love you.


  1. Okay, I know you said not to get bummed, but I am crying. That is a beautiful photo Fin. I'm so glad you had the clan with you. It is a great fam indeed!

  2. I don't know what to condolensces would be appropriate. But it sounds like you're on the right track. We did something similar when my grandma passed away, it was almost liberating...
    Familing is a wonderful thing, it's so great when you really want to be together..I love that.


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