Tuesday, April 01, 2008

FaDSA: April Project - Modern Apron

Dear Donk,

So, I hope you'll forgive me if you have a hundred aprons and don't want to make another one because I have a hundred aprons, too, but only one that truly fits the bill. And that bill is keeping me covered up enough so that my mess making doesn't end up also being my fashion statement.

See, I've taken to coming home from work and forgetting to change clothes so I end up making dinner and risking messiness in my good clothes that are sometimes dresses.

Worse yet, I sometimes end up serving dinner wearing a dress and an apron and some heels and looking a little too much like June Cleaver for any of us to take seriously. It's gotten a little 50's in my house to the point where Bubba took one look at me during a recent "Hey, I'm impersonating a Real Live Housewife" moment and asked me to just steer clear of the cocaine and maybe I was taking this whole Wife thing a little too seriously.

Really though, I don't do coke or act like a Real Live Housewife.

But I do make a mess while I cook (mostly on myself) and so I need a real person apron that covers my whole front and doesn't just stop at the waist with some frilly thisandthat which doesn't protect a damn thing from flying tomato sauce. For example.

Cooking is a full contact sport in my kitchen and I need a full coverage uniform for the job. If it's "Modern", all the better so I don't promote this whole Real Live Housewife persona that I've been inadvertantly cultivating.

SO - y'all...if you, too, need some real apronage for your real cooking and have it in you to sew one.more.apron - please do so. I'd love to see what you come up with and I'll thank you to not remind me that we sewed an apron last year that was a halvsy type and how come we didn't take care of this whole full coverage apron business then.

Let's regroup on May 1st (YAY! MAY!) to show off the month's winner and move on to other things and perhaps revisit that whole pintucking fiasco.

Also, big congrats to our March winner!



  1. I am all over this project! Although I'm not feeling the seersucker.

  2. I love this! I am super excited. And unlike Kelli, i LOVE seersucker. I'm probably going to make it exactly like the book. I'll even try curling my hair so I can do the photo the same way!

  3. This is perfect... while cooking Easter dinner (fried chicken) I had to pull out an old, boring full size, plain white apron. I may have saved my outfit, but it wasn't at all cute. This project will help me be better prepared next time!

  4. Alrighty, Ma'am -- apron it is! I need another one anyway, so the timing is good, too.

    I'm a little leary of this cut, though. Why do I feel like it's going to look like two pigs are fightin' under my apron? We shall see.

  5. Good project choice. There's an apron challenge on The Apronistas, too, so maybe I can combine the both into one apron.


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