Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Brownie Accepted

Dear Donk,


I'm kidding.

Lord knows I'm kidding. I mean, look at all the hairballs on my floors! I can't even put two minutes together to Swiff this joint, much less get on anyone's case for not finishing sewing projects.

Meanwhile, I believe you just crashed into another pointy object while riding around on your bike (you might want to switch to a broom, I find it more manageable - just a thought) and have, thus, injured your sewing fingers. How does one sew with injured fingers? One does not, that's how.

So, forgiven. And I'll take that brownie now. Mine should be almost entirely peanut butter cream with just a thin shell of chocolate cupcake to keep it contained. Yes, that is how I roll.

I agree, the photos in the pool look fabulous - and I'm very impressed that someone had the wherewithal to make more than one. I was not that someone. Obviously. I could barely manage my one bag without hand-sewing my shirt to the bottom.

Seriously though - no more hand-sewing. A machine should be doing this work and I am not a machine.

Anyway, consider me suitably distracted by your peanut butter porn to the point where I am totally unphased by the moving of the August Project Announcement to 8/3/07.


Ok, that's all.

Wuv you,


  1. Hee hee! Love it. Glad the brownie was accepted. A dozen your way for a dozen tomatoes?

  2. Kelli did indeed deserve the extension--her poor fingers...oh my!

    Okay, I can live with waiting until Aug. 3 for your In Stitches Sew-Along August project decision. I don't know what I'll do with myself until then but I'll think of something.

  3. I may or may not have been trawling your archives for the last hour because you're funny as shit.

    And I may or may not have to name you my new favourite blogger.

    (Okay, they're both "may")

  4. Kell - If there were a way for me to ship these to you without them ending up like the end of a Freddy Krueger movie, I'd do it. Guess you'll just have to come out here?

    June - Phew! Don't worry, it'll be a project you're sure to RULE :)

    Marmite: As Bubba would say, "I wouldn't shit you, you're my favorite turd." Now I'm TWO people's favorite turd - cool.


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