Wednesday, March 07, 2007


If you have been lurking around here and have somehow not gone over to visit Farmgirl yet (for shame), despite my linking to her constantly, it is high time you did so. If only to get this incredible recipe for bran muffins that don't taste at all like sawdust AND are so healthy that you'll feel like a full-fledged granola crunching hippie bastard.

In fact, they are so good you'll eat two and then think really hard about having a third. But, if you're like me, you won't have the third for fear of The Bran Effect taking place while you're, say, sitting in traffic or waiting in line at the DMV or some other situation that will have you farther than a giant leap from the toi. Not to demean the deliciousness of these muffins with filthy bathroom talk or anything. Sorry.

Anyway, I put some blueberries in mine since I had some left over in the freezer from the last time I abused another one of her recipes and it made the muffins even more delicious. Although, I'm thinking of making another batch with the recommended bananas since it could only improve the texture and flavor.

If you're still striving for perfection after pulling these beauties from the oven, I suggest taking your muffin(s) out to the newly sprouting vegetable garden with a cup of tea and sitting amongst your plants, eating your muffin(s) and watching the finches throw down over the last of the birdseed.

Freakin sweet.


  1. Just hopped on over here from africankelli. I have to say your posts are hilarious and I love your sense of humor. Both of you are posting yummy recipes today!

  2. Where's the sunbathing fish from Girl's Weekend? Can it be true that GW was booted in favor of bran muffins?? I will keep checking back in hopes that pictures of quesadillas, fondue, nutella cookies, ebel skievers, rice, salad and mimosas will appear!

  3. (Ok, first of all, why is it so hard to post a comment?? Sheesh.)

    I thought we were friends? I thought we had fun? Yet our weekend in Monterey is mysteriously absent from your blog. I'll even let you post the picture of my failed aebelskievers, if you wish. I want to hear the Jess-esque version of the story and see the lovely photos. Come on!!

  4. you are a funny lady.

  5. LOVING the links. Thank you!

  6. Katie - welcome! Yes, Kelli and I are apparently baking our brains out. Although, her a little more so than I. I want to make those corn muffins she had up. YuMmy!

    Hoosier - Please see 3/8 post

    Benj - Blogger is retarded, sorry. I spared you the humility of the eibleskeiver mess photo (sp?) and instead posted the one of Minnie making special on David's wang. Fun. See 3/8 post.

    Jess - Fanks :)

    AK - I thought it was high time I posted some recipe links since I am always lurking on yours. Hot crossed buns - yelloooooo!

  7. I've been hopping over from Kelli too and LAUGHING! :) You totally inspired me to get a bit healthier and try these. I blogged about them as part of a CAOK (ok it's still a draft but it'll go up as soon as I get the links in for you and farmgirl) for my mom. Thanks for the tip! :) (Oh and hi - I have printed about a bazillion of farmgirl's recipes to try....and if I could find enough time I'd be a bread fiend!)


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