Friday, February 01, 2008

Gone Riding

Be back in a week with bruises in weird places and updates about old road games and the current powder conditions in Steamboat Springs, CO. Meanwhile, I'll be throwing new photos into this slideshow throughout the week because I can't leave the damn computer alone. So, enjoy.



  1. Have fun, you deserve a vacation after that strenuous week you spent in Italy! Come to think of it, I'm due for some goofing off.

  2. Can't wait to hear all about it Fin. Have a blast!

  3. Do you ever snowboard at Sugar Bowl in the Tahoe Area?

  4. What a drive! I can't believe all that new fallen snow. Gorgeous. But it's too bad you're having to rough it while staying in Steamboat. ; )

    Glad you're having fun. Love the polypro layd photos. Have a safe drive home!

  5. So glad you are home and in one piece! Yay for road trips!

  6. Steven - Yes. Three full weeks back at work after my trip to Italy and I'm ready for another vacay. My life is hard.

    African - Oh, you'll hear about it. In mind-numbing detail, no doubt. Aren't you excited for OUR trip now?

    Marcia - I have indeed. Not for a few seasons (we've been pass holders elsewhere), but yes.

    Farmgirl - Oh yes, it was very rough indeed. All that powder - what a pain! Although we did hear some east coasters complaining about "all that annoying powder! when are they going to groom?". Idiots.

    African - ME TOO! That drive was a *little* dicey.


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