Tuesday, February 06, 2007

World Nutella Day is today!

Think I'm kidding? Nuh-uh.

Think I made this up during a sugar-induced spoon-a-thon? Nope. Not me.

I'm just a willing (yuh think?) participant here to share with you, what will certainly become, the most glamorously delicious cocktail party hors' dourve ever in honor of World Nutella Day AND a photo montage of Nutella on the Road.

Move over stupid fondue - Nutella is the Nu-Fondue:

Clearly, presenting Nutella is it's most impressive form (6.61 lb holiday tub) is the ideal way to showcase this gastronomic masterpiece. However, I'm sure that sprinkling smaller jars or the highly coveted Nutella juice glasses of the spread around your party or get together wouldn't go unnoticed either. Or ignored for that matter. And, like the inferior chocolate fondue, you can put Nutella on just about anything.

Really, the point is just to find a vehicle with which to transport Nutella into your face. Bread, pretzel, banana, finger, spoon, old shoe - it hardly matters.


Feel free to use my wildly complicated recipe (did I even include a recipe here?) for your next get together. Your guests will go home happy, jittery and maybe a little sticky - depending on the kind of party you're throwing.


Speaking of which, maybe you want to serve up a subtle side dish of moist towelettes (Oh, guh. I hate that word, moist. Isn't it just so nasty?)

And to showcase my dedication to Nutella, here are a few photos from vacation (the one I'm on right at this moment) with Bubba and my handy travel Nutella:

Nutella with an honest-to-goodness Idaho potato

Nutella at Grand Targhee Ski Resort in Wyoming, ready to hit the slopes

Nutella enjoying a burger and a beer at the Trap Bar at Targhee

Nutella enjoying a sunny rest area in Nevada - home of the Early Man
Happy spooning folks.


  1. OMG. I laughed out loud no less than five times during this post. Nutella on the road is frickin' hilarious. And dontcha know that I almost, almost used the word "moist" in my post and then, for the exact same reasons you cited, I decided against it. My brother is also of the mind that it's a word you just shouldn't go near.
    Anyhoo, COMPLIMENTI for a fantastic WND entry. As always, the Bombshell rocks. And buona vacanza!

  2. Mmm. The montage is like a delicious version of "Flat Stanley".
    I don't know why the pretzel stick-as-spoon didn't occur to me! Excellent (because I needed a way to shovel in the Nutella faster).

  3. I made Nutella cupcakes with buttercream icing :) First time I've had it and I love it!

  4. haha! love the travelling mini nutellas.

  5. LOL That was an incredibly funny post :)

  6. nutella on the road...priceless. :)

  7. I snuck Nutella on toast a few mornings in a row (for hubby and little guy) oh happy day.


  8. hee hee hee! The Traveling Nutella Pants. Love it!

  9. i love those pretzel sticks with peanut butter...i can only imagine how good they are with nutella


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